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At Revvy, we believe in the power of partnerships and rewarding those who help us grow. That's why we've created our Referral Program, designed to thank and incentivize individuals and businesses who refer new clients to us.

How it Works:


Spread the word about Revvy's Revenue Manager, Market Manager, and Reputation Manager solutions to your network of contacts, colleagues, and friends.


When you come across someone who could benefit from our services, simply connect us by providing their contact details via our Referral Form below or by emailing us directly at


Our team will reach out to the referral to understand their needs and how Revvy can assist them in achieving their goals.


Once your referral becomes a Revvy client and completes their first transaction with us, you'll receive a generous reward as a token of our appreciation.

For clients: We'll reward you with a referral credit equal to 20% of the referred client's first month's fees, up to a maximum of $4,000.  Per referral.  

For individuals: We'll reward you with a referral bonus equal to 15% of the referred client's first month's fees, up to a maximum of $3,000.  Per referral.

Referral Program: Services


Referrals must be new clients to Revvy, meaning they have not engaged with us previously for any services.

Rewards will be provided once the referred client completes their first transaction with Revvy, such as signing a contract or initiating a project.  Reward payment based on billings received.

Rewards may be subject to change and are at the discretion of Revvy based on the size and scope of the referred client's engagement.

Referrers must adhere to ethical guidelines and ensure that their referrals have consented to being contacted by Revvy.

Referral Program: List

Thank you for your interest in referring potential clients to Revvy! Please provide us with some information about the individual or company you'd like to refer, and we'll take it from there.

Thanks for submitting!

Referral Program: Contact
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